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Nina Vasilchenko
Nina Vasilchenko
Strategic Marketing Manager
  • 10+ years in Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing strategy and positioning development and implementation
  • Marketing analysis (PEST, internal analysis, SWOT, market, competitors, TA, trends)
  • Marketing research conducting
  • Media-analysis
  • Impactful media strategy development
  • PR
  • Media relations building
Nikolay Syshchenko
Nikolay Syshchenko
Online Marketing manager coordinator
  • Account & project management of online projects experience 10+ years
Yana Tsilyk
Yana Tsilyk
  • Creative & art team player with 3+ years’ experience in design
  • 2+ years in graphic design
Anna Kovalenko
Anna Kovalenko
Projects coordinator manager
  • Operational and administrative accounting & project coordinating experience 10+ years
Yuliia Besedina
Yuliia Besedina
Founder & CEO
  • 15+ years experience in marketing and commerce
  • Expert in Brand launching and brand building strategy
  • Expert in Distribution Strategy
  • Expert in various TA working
  • Expert in effective marketing mix
  • Expert in in-house team-building, business structure building, mentoring and motivation building based on KPI system
  • Creative and out-of-the-box approach in business tasks solving
Dmitriy Romanovskiy
Dmitriy Romanovskiy
Managing Partner
  • 10+ years of experience in eCommerce
  • 17+ years experience in marketing and sales
  • Online marketing tools effective mix development & execution
  • Innovative online MKTG tools integration to a company business processe
  • Web-sites auditing & consulting (SEO, loyalty programs implementation, CRM)

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Our Business Model

We are the “umbrella” company uniting the best solutions
to provide your business with the “magic pill”
(the most effective complex solution on your task).

• Our expert will be integrated to your team upon your decision to mentor and adjust your marketing, distribution and sales approach.

• Our focus is your business result

• Our task is to provide your with out-of-box tasks solving

Whom do we see as our customers?

Companies requiring structural and business changes via marketing, online and commercial approach

Companies wishing to receive high-quality digital services in a fair sense of value for money

Outsourcing package for business

Market of your business field, your & your competitors brand positions, customer portrait, customer journey, TA, etc.


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