8 check points for the yearly sales & marketing strategy preparation

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22/01/2019 by

For Commercial Directors & Marketing Directors of corporations   

Financial year for the majority of international corporations has been starting from the 1st of April. For the convenience of Commercial and Marketing Directors we propose a short list of personal checkpoints to be considered for the qualitative strategy preparation:

  1. Estimate micro and macro environment: political, economic, technology and social environment influencing your field industry in general. Consider what available and/or possible changes it could provoke. Whether some trend could change the market capacity and/or re-split the ratio of competitors on your market, other.
  2. Make detailed analysis of your current place on the market, very important to have each analyzing point be compared with competitors, each. Prepare the analysis using a monthly statistics to clearly understand the trend. Propose some key check points here:
  • market capacity in units and in value
  • market sales share % in units & in value
  • market share of each of the price segment (in units & in value); what exact models and / or SKU helped to in/de-crease it (to analyze the upcoming product line up from the perspective of successfulness of the current product line up)
  • average sales price (ASP) and its price index in comparison with the market average (API)
  1. Analyze current market structure from the perspective point of view. Prepare an updated evaluation of the key: dealers, distributors and retail channers development tendencies. Convenient way is to make an inverted pyramid showing from the one side key retailers together with their shops number against their market share number in value and in units. Propose our tool as below:


Analyze what channels your company were playing with, what was the play game of your competitors, what was the successful points of your cooperation and bottlenecks? The key point is to build weighted distribution with efficient level of investments.

  1. Consolidate marketing and sales key findings of the made analysis in SWOT table. Create a local brand perception map estimation of where you have planned to be, what place you occupy today and what is you plan for the next year.


  1. Prepare the game plan based on your analysis prepared above. We propose the convenient tool as below:

GTM plan

Check the models in your game plan from the marginal income point of view and its influence to your P&L (profit and loss plan).

  1. Verify your plan based on the Marketing warfare by Jack Trout. Below we propose a convenient tool for you. Clearly estimate your key market players from the seller and producers’ point of view. Understand their tactics and strategy in order to properly make a right decision of your company yearly plan.


  1. Prepare a Marketing Mix helping you to achieve the targeted sales volumes. Convenient tool from our point of view is given below:

MKTG mix

  1. The confirmed general plan of sales targets and its investments ratio verified from P&L point of view to be cascaded below to your company departments Part leaders:
  • Sales team
  • Product team
  • Retail marketing team
  • Online team
  • Media team
  • PR team
  • Field force team

Wishing you to make the MAGIC in your market field industry!

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