Business-coaching for small startups is our contribution to the prosperity of Ukraine

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10/07/2019 by

At the first national business forum Industry4Ukraine Denis Shemyakin who is the member of support team of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine shared some data that are highlighting our observations.

Middle and small businesses in Ukraine give more than 50% of GDP to the economy of our country. At that, among those 50% small businesses give only around 16% in general. It is more than 2 times less than in Europe. He also underlined that the number of enterprises in Ukraine is slightly more than in Europe, but at the same time, their efficiency is 10 times lower.

As part of mentoring and consulting, we, at Marketing ART Agency, following the results of business coaching sessions with small business entrepreneurs and a number of additional analyzes and studies, tend to confirm the above data by Mr. Shemyakin.

Our researches and analysis of its low-efficiency lie in the field of such gaps as follows:

  • “Helicopter view”
  • Strategy defocusing
  • Defocusing on synergy actions for company perception building
  • Not clear understanding of the advertising agencies roles and responsibilities
  • Not clear picture of how to build a company brand image
  • Not clear understanding of business processes’ role in company with 50+ employees

The list is longer, but (!) it worth to be noticed that most of the answers each owner really knows deep inside by themselves. The important thing is to clearly put it into understandable and logical pieces  during

coaching sessions. However, what is really issue, that entrepreneur and owners do not have enough time for qualitative planning, delegation and building of business processes. At some stage of the company development, the entrepreneur falls into the hook of a simply executor, losing the strategic focus and “Helicopter view”.

As part of our business coaching approach, we listen to the task that the entrepreneur / owner intends to delegate to a sub-contractor. Our key role (!) is to understand the DNA of the business task / problem and help break it down into parts, roles inside and outside the company, and business processes. And here we are ready to mentor, share experiences and cases of international worldwide companies that we were working for (> than 15 years) or have studied their cases within the framework of European EMBA education.

Regardless of the type and size of your company, we help you recognize a complexity of the business task / problem and make it understandable to solve, to scale your business, to prepare a franchise project, to elaborate a brand strategy, or help with foundation of LLC, PE level, etc. if you are just planning your startup.

Frequently asked questions that we have already faced in business coaching sessions:

  • business has reached up the ceiling, how to find effective ways to grow?
  • what’s wrong with us, could you conduct an auditing and tell us how to increase sales?
  • sales have dropped, what have we done wrong?
  • we have updated the technical side of our website, please propose USP wording that will differentiate our business
  • we provide this list of services, how do we become a brand? How to scale?
  • I want to launch a business, I have no idea how to go further? How to do it correctly? What form of legal entity to choose?
  • how could I plan the business processes correctly? How to calculate a business plan?
  • How to consider all taxes and expenses before a business launch? How to optimize it?

The first business-coaching session is free of charge! Welcome!