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What is the differentiation point of your agency’s marketing services?

I decided to create my agency after I faced a significant shortage of competent personnel in the country at the beginning of this year. In April 2018, the advertising agency was founded on the experience of industry professionals to whom I believe, and with whom I have worked and / or collaborated for 5-15 years.

We provide 360 ° advertising services, like many other agencies, but the main feature is our approach on solving business tasks, as well as a number of unique services related to this focus.

Marketing ART Agency focuses on the quality of marketing mix planning based on a deep analysis of the customer journey and its relevant points of influence in business tasks solving. Our professional experience, European education (ЕМВА) and professional achievements help us convince our clients on the quality of its planning. Anyone can sell different advertising tools, it is of high importance to create a high-quality effective mix of advertising tools aimed at solving a client’s business task – this is the reason of success!

Companies where marketing and sales are carried out by individual departments without integrated goals, KPIs and regular joint work will fail. Marketing services without focus on sales cannot achieve success in the current realia.

Our experts are competent in both areas. I cannot and do not see any sense to make the border between marketing and sales, I have repeatedly convinced myself from my personal experience. For example, while working for the Huawei corporation, at the brand launching stage in Ukraine, I have built a strategy based on an integrated approach of marketing and distribution combined solution that has brought a success.

The main question that we ask our customers is what result do you plan to get at the end? I must confess that during the discussion of the brief with the use of coaching tools in communication, we frequently come to understanding that the initially set goal and real focus of the business are different. In the planning, we focus not only on marketing indexes, but also on business performance and its impact on P & L.

The second focus, which is the main feature of Marketing ART Agency, is our special service – integration of an expert into the client’s team in order to implement the project, mentoring the client’s team, building or adjusting internal processes on the client’s side. For what reason? Traditional consulting or a well-developed strategy document remains inactive in 80% of cases, our service helps to ensure its high-quality implementation.

What is the advantage of your agency over competitors? Why the priority should be given to your company?

Every business expects a magic pill from marketing for solving its business tasks, we decided to become this magic pill – THE MAGIC PILL FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Pursuing this goal, we have built all the processes around the main thing – solving the business tasks, not just the marketing department tasks.

We help international companies develop their businesses in the Ukrainian market from the stage of market estimation to the implementation of distribution and marketing strategies, integrating as an outsource country manager. It differentiates us from competitors and is our advantage. Now this service is in the process of being implemented for a Chinese manufacturer of educational toys and accessories, to whom we have already built a distribution strategy and are at the stage of its implementation. We are in the process of developing similar projects for the Italian supplier of toys, and also for a Baltic retail company.

The service of integrating an expert into the customer’s team distinguishes us from the competitors and is in demand by local companies. According to this model, we are working now with a Ukrainian retail company, for which we have completed the development of a brand strategy.

Both services are essentially unique and can be implemented solely due to the internal competencies and professional experience of our team. In this case, we are taking to work only those projects where we have the real opportunity to work  with high quality.

What agency services are in demand?

We have been operating in the market for more than half a year, the demanded services are those that make our clients confident in our professional expertise. The most popular of them are: a brand strategy development, PR strategies, business audits for business processes adjustment and solving business tasks, online promotion.

The local companies demand the auditing service of business processes for setting up and/or restructuring and/or finding out bottlenecks and opportunities for their business growth. For international companies, a service on brand launch in the Ukrainian market with its distribution and marketing strategy development. We managed to put our current cases of implemented campaigns to our website www.marketingARTagency.com, The Russian version of it is still being developed . Our business is focused more on international partners.

What are the agency’s plans for 2019? What trends are you planning to follow?

There are so many plans, thus we have decided to focus in 2019 only on the qualitative implementation of our unique services: developing and launching of new international businesses in Ukraine using both customer service models (outsource country manager and expert integration into their team).

We excitedly picked up the global trend of reputational solutions implementation for product promotion. Currently we are developing complex projects for the implementation of marketing promotion based on corporate social responsibility under a development of internal and external tourism in Ukraine. We have been placing these ideas on our Facebook page under the hashtag #идеиДляБизнеса . We are working out business plans for CSR projects implementation by foreign investors and local representative offices.

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